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Wear Sacredness


Picking what to wear is so mundane and exhilarating at the same time. Do we really want the letters on the front of the shirt define us? Unless those letters are Greek and you’re basing your personality on your college sorority or fraternity, then the answer is probably no.

Yet, how many times have we spotted an appealing tee, only for it to be desecrated with a "Not Today!", or a [insert mis-spelled Chinglish acclaiming hot-sale high fashion]? Or even worse - the quirky graffiti is hidden on the back, for us to catch at the very last minute (if we’re lucky). Of course, if we’re unlucky, we could be walking around for days with “Girl Boss” plastered on our backs. At work!

Wear Sacredness

Magick comes to the rescue in moments of a dull mood. When the thought patterns of platitudes come attacking and we are feeling uninspired and unmotivated during the day. Where is our solution?? 

We created these tees and leggings to love yoginis, meditators, peaceful warriors - those of us who are on a spiritual journey, in earnest.

To us, mindfulness is more than a calling, it's a necessity. To us, metamorphosis is the new existence. To us, metaphysics is the new physics (which is great because there’s less math involved).

Wear sacredness. Wear the awareness of the sacredness around and within us.

The words we wear influence the words we say to ourselves and to the universe. The words on my shirts are personal power words, some of which I have repeated over 10,000 times, as affirmations over time (really, I'm not exaggerating). I've had a diligent and enthusiastic journey, LOL!
The imagery on Magick works to serve the same - so we can be:
             uplifted. enliven.

Our hope for Magick clothes is simply this...

  • May they uplift you in moments of need throughout the day. When you look in the mirror, may you embody these carefully-curated words (even though they appear backwards).

  • May they pick you up.

  • May they enliven your corner, and you remember the benevolence of the universe again.

Allow us the honor to dress you up with the awareness of sacredness, and you go into the world, and be the force that you are.

    Team Magick & Yuanye