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Graphic Tees

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"Enliven" Women’s V-neck T-shirt
  • Black
  • Heathered Navy
  • Light Heather Grey
  • Crystal Blue
"This is Life" Unisex T-shirt
  • Heather Raspberry
  • Steel Blue
  • Tan
  • Heather Prism Mint
  • White
"Full Heart" Tee
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  • Heather Grey
  • White

Whether for men or for women, graphic tees never go out of style.

These unique tee shirts are one of the best ways to showcase your personality simply through what you wear every day.

They can inspire you and other people to achieve your goals or tackle any task with a motivational message.

They’re also great conversation starters, sharing something interesting or amazing about you.

Like anything vintage? Whether it’s about an old but memorable TV show, band, cartoon or video game, a vintage graphic tee can surely give you nostalgic feels while proudly letting people know how much you cherish the good old days. Put on one with a logo or image from your youth that’s close to your heart and enjoy seeing people’s faces light up when they see it for reminding them of happy memories from their childhood.

That’s because graphic tees can place people in a specific time period, location, mindset or mood. If you were a 90’s kid, wearing a graphic tee shirt featuring an image or message of your favorite show, musical artist, or video game from back then can let you reminisce about it unlike anything else.

Here at Magickwear, we offer more laid-back graphic tees but with eye-catching images or messages that let you stand out even when you’re going casual, day or night.

Our graphic tees currently come in either white or grey, which are pretty casual colors, but are accentuated by colorful or bold prints. We believe the emphasis should be on the image or message, not the tee shirt itself. That lets the print be a pop of color that can effectively spice up your jeans or shorts and comfiest sneakers (or whatever your go-to casual attire might be).

Just make sure the one you choose fits you just right. If it’s too tight or too loose, the print won’t stand out well.

No matter the occasion, a graphic tee makes for a great gift. It’s one of the easiest clothes to shop for. It’s impossible to miss the one that resonates with you or your loved one.

Choose from our selection to find the one that will add a bit of fun or inspiration to your daily life.

Frequently Asked Questions about Graphic Tee Shirts

What are graphic tees?

Graphic tees are tee shirts that have an image or graphic design on them called prints. Graphic tee prints can be about anything, but the most popular ones are about well-known persons or things, like:

    • Bands or musical artists (ex: Nirvana, The Beatles, 2Pac)

    • Movies (The Godfather, Star Wars, Back to the Future, etc.)

    • Shows (ex: The Golden Girls, Stranger Things, Rick and Morty)

    • Video games (Super Mario, PAC-MAN, Call of Duty, etc.)

    • Brands that have become part of pop culture (ex: Coca-Cola, PlayStation, Pabst Blue Ribbon)

Graphic tees have such prints because featuring such a recognizable image or graphic design lets the wearer stand out—their main purpose.

They can be worn by both men and women, no matter the age.

They usually come in just one color, but they can sometimes have other colors in the form of ribbing or sleeves in complementary colors.

Since plain old tee shirts are considered the epitome of casual wear, graphic tees have become wardrobe staples for many.

Who invented graphic tees?

Oddly enough, graphic tees weren’t invented by some hipster from long ago. They were conceived by the last organization most people would think could’ve come up with such things: The US Military.

You read that right. The branch of the US Armed Forces that trains and sends forces to fight wars overseas was the very same branch that created such fashionable tee shirts!

The first known graphic tees were worn by US Military soldiers back in the 1940s. They had either their military branch (Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard or Marine Corps) or training program printed on the front.

The graphic tees were used to recruit men and women to the US Armed Forces and promote the organization. No surprise there since they easily stood out, catching the eye and attracting the attention of whoever saw them. Not only were they effective, they were also a hit among the troops, letting them remain popular even after World War 2.

Tell us about your sustainability efforts

Since certain processes it uses are known to be harmful to the environment, most notably the modern way cotton is grown, the graphic tee industry has been striving to do better. Many graphic tee manufacturers, including Magickwear and its partners, have implemented many sustainability efforts to help preserve this planet we all call home, like:

    • Shift to print-on-demand/made-to-order to reduce our waste

    • Use post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic packaging or reduce our use of packaging altogether

    • Set up strategically located fulfillment centers that enable us to reduce the amount of CO₂ emissions we produce when transporting orders by allowing us to make shipments faster at lower the usual cost

    • Make graphic tees that are not only environment friendly but last longer in the most efficient way possible

Through our sustainability efforts, we strive to prove that we are firmly committed to sustainability and a better planetary future.

How do you wash graphic tees?

To begin with, you need to wash them inside out using cold water.

Having the print on the inside instead of the outside protects it from undue wear and tear while the graphic tee itself is getting washed. It also keeps the colors from fading out too soon by being gentle on them.

The same goes for using cold water. Hot water is harsh on the fabric and prints compared to it, so washing your graphic tees with the latter is effectively doing so as gently as possible.

If you want your graphic tees to last as long as they possibly can, hang them out instead of tossing them in the dryer. The latter is similar to putting your clothes in an oven, while the former lets them dry out slowly and naturally.

That doesn’t mean you can never use the dryer to dry your graphic tees. Just do so on low heat so you aren’t too harsh on them.

Do graphic tee shirts shrink when washed? Do their necks wear out?

To keep your graphic tees from shrinking too much, avoid using your dryer as much as possible. As we already pointed out, dryer heat can cause damage to them, which includes causing them to shrink. If they do, look for their care instructions and follow them.

Generally speaking, tee shirt necks aren’t so fragile that they wear out easily. Just be careful not to pull on yours too hard. Aside from wearing out, they might also tear.

Do graphic tee prints come off or become cracked?

Graphic tee prints don’t easily come off or become cracked. That’s thanks to the two types of ink most commonly used to make them: rubber ink and water-based ink.

Also called plastisol ink, rubber ink is a specially formulated ink that’s similar to rubber in that it’s elastic, wear-resistant, and water-insoluble. It adheres to surfaces very well, so they won’t come off or become cracked easily.

While its main ingredient is water, water-based ink isn’t inferior compared to rubber ink. Unlike the latter, it seeps into the fabric, binding itself to it. So just like rubber ink, it won’t easily come off or become cracked either.

But if you want to make sure, aside from washing your graphic tees inside out, you can do so using a washing net. It protects the prints even more from undue wear and tear during the washing cycle, keeping them looking new longer.

How long do graphic tee shirts stay looking new?

It depends on how careful you are with them.

If you don’t wash them too much, handle them with care, and keep them from getting too dirty, they’ll stay in good condition for 2–3 years.

See the care instructions to find out how often you should wash them along with whether or not they need to be washed inside out (some are totally fine washed normally) or in a washing net (some are totally fine even if you don’t use one). Follow them so that your graphic tees stay looking new for as long as possible.

Are graphic tees still trendy?

Absolutely! They’ve actually seen a sort of revival in their former level of popularity back when they were at their heyday.

For example, many fandoms, like anime fans and gamers, are often seen wearing graphic tees with prints of their favorite shows, characters, or video games.

Spy x Family, an anime about a family of spies, is currently one of the most popular animes, so a lot of anime fans can be seen wearing graphic tees with characters from the show.

On the other hand, Skyrim, an action role-playing game set in a medieval world, is currently one of the most popular video games, so many of those who play it can be seen wearing graphic tees with images from it.

It’s so easy for people to not only express themselves using graphic tees, but find others who share their interests. That’s why such passionate people wear them to support and celebrate themselves and one another. You can use yours to find your own tribe.

How do you style graphic tees?

While they’re most often used as casual wear, graphic tees can be worn however you like.

For girls who want to dress them up, you can pair them with tailored pants or a miniskirt. Wearing them with tailored pants strikes the perfect balance between classy and laid back, making them a great ensemble for a get-together with close friends or an intimate dinner with your special someone. A graphic tee-mini skirt combo is a little more playful, so wear one to a festival or karaoke night with your pals.

To dress them down, just wear them with relaxed-fit (“boyfriend”) jeans, distressed cut-offs, or even bike shorts. Any of these will have you looking both comfy and stylish, giving you the ultimate laid-back look.

You can even pair them with lounge wear if you really want to go all comfy.

As long as you feel good with your look, you’ll be fine.

What graphic tee design or graphic tee aesthetic is the most popular?

For women, it’s been all about muted tones this year. From brick red and azure to beige and tangerine, the girls have been opting for faded-looking prints when it comes to their graphic tees. We figure it’s because the “everything vintage” trend we saw become popular the last few years is still fashionable.

It’s the same for men, but they’re choosing to go with bolder colors. Think lime green, vermilion and purple. Such colors fill out the striking print designs and aesthetics they prefer pretty well.

Either way, just make sure the graphic tees you’d give out as presents go well with the personality of those who’ll receive them.